£7.80 inc. VAT

Universal picture hanging system. Available in white, primer and brushed aluminium. Installation Kit not included.

£6.12 inc. VAT

To be mounted directly onto a ceiling. An ideal choice for suspended or dropped ceilings. Installation Kit not included.

£15.24 inc. VAT

A great solution where a picture hanging system needs to be installed on a ceiling. Installation kit not included.

£8.10 inc. VAT

Also known as J-Rail used for displaying heavier pictures and artwork up to 40kg/m. Installation Kit not included.

£44.64 inc. VAT

A great way of illuminating pictures, paintings and artwork display on a wall. Quick installation in 3 easy steps.

£12.12 inc. VAT

Top choice for galleries and museums. Designed for hanging heavy artwork (max 100kg). Installation Kit not included.

£0.78£1.32 inc. VAT

To be used with partition wall hooks. The maximum weight load is 20kg. This wire is available in 2mm diameter.

£2.28£6.24 inc. VAT

An easy way to hook a wire into the rail. Twist, click and you’re done. To be used with all hanging rails.

£0.90£1.38 inc. VAT

A metal slider provides an optimal movement along the rail. It has 2mm diameter. A maximum weight load is 7kg.

Picture Hanging Wires

Artiteq Steel Solid Slider (2mm)

£2.88£5.40 inc. VAT

An easy way to attach a wire to a rail. A choice of perlon or steel wire. Available in 100cm-500cm lengths.

£2.40£3.36 inc. VAT

It eliminates the risk of perlon cord popping out from the rail as a result of recoiling effect.

£2.64 inc. VAT

Included in this set are 150cm Twister Perlon Wire and a screw-locking Mini Hook (4kg).

£0.72 inc. VAT

Screw-locking hook to be used with 2mm perlon wires only. It has a maximum weight load of 4kg.

£2.88 inc. VAT

A self-locking 2mm hook which is easy to adjust. Press the hook down to lock it in place.

£1.08 inc. VAT

Screw-locking hook for 2mm perlon wires only. The maximum weight load for hanging frames is 5kg.

£0.84 inc. VAT

A screw-locking hook and designed to be used with 2mm perlon wires only. Its maximum weight load is 10kg.

£2.64 inc. VAT

Self-locking hook for hanging heavier wall pictures of up to 15 kg. Use with 2mm perlon or steel wires.

£0.48£0.60 inc. VAT

To be used on panels and partition walls with perlon wire with a loop or perlon wire with a slider. It has a weight carrying capacity of 15kg.

Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems

Picture Superstore offers a wide range of picture hanging products by Artiteq specifically designed for homes and galleries. Order your system today and enjoy flexibility in hanging and arranging the pictures on your walls.

Artiteq has been creating, developing and producing picture hanging solutions since 1995. Modern design, product quality, and application flexibility lie at the heart of Artiteq’s approach in the developing process of their hanging systems.

Artiteq responds to trends and take into account consumers’ growing interest in arranging their living environments. In designing and producing hanging systems, Artiteq strives to achieve a high level of quality and focuses on the environment and sustainability.

They apply care and precision to ensure the safety of their products is maintained through extensive quality control procedures. Artiteq hanging systems are popular choice in 60 countries around the world for home and business projects.

Orac Decor

I needed a system to easily display my children’s paintings and artwork. This system worked wonderfully and now we have a beautiful family art gallery. Shipping, packaging and instructions were all great.

The click rail components arrived quickly. It took my husband two hours to layout, cut and install 6 m of rail. Works really well. The only suggestion is to drill a slightly smaller hole for the wall anchors. 6 millimeters seemed a bit large.

I was looking for the robust and flexible system to hang all my art collection in a newly renovated loft. I love the way the system looks. Was really easy to assemble and adjust to a different parts of my place. The website was easy to navigate. Quick delivery. Thanks.