Picture Hooks

Artiteq Mini Hook

£0.60 inc. VAT

Screw-locking hook designed to be used with 2mm perlon wires only. A great hanging solution thanks to its excellent quality and design.

£0.65£1.10 inc. VAT

Suitable for use with partition wall hooks. The maximum weight carrying capacity is 20kg. This perlon wire is available in 2mm diameter.

£1.65£4.40 inc. VAT

The easiest way to hook a wire into the rail. Twist, click and you’re done. It has 2mm diameter and has been designed for all mounting rails.

£0.15 inc. VAT

A connector clip to join two Click Rails together. Also available in a 3-ring option for extra grip on uneven walls.

£0.40£0.50 inc. VAT

To be used on panels and partition walls with perlon wire with a loop or perlon wire with a slider. It has a weight carrying capacity of 15kg.

Picture Hooks

Artiteq Ratchet Hook

£2.35 inc. VAT

Brand Artiteq Use with 2mm wires max load 15kg 10 Years

Click Rail

Artiteq Click Rail

£6.50 inc. VAT

One of the most popular and also versatile picture hanging systems. With Click & Connect clips mounting the Artiteq rails and wires is fast and easy.

Click Rail Pro

Artiteq Click Rail Pro

£10.95 inc. VAT

A professional, heavy-duty version of Click Rail. You can trust it 100% when it comes to hanging your art on a wall of up to 50kg/m.
Included: 2m rail

Contour Rail

Artiteq Contour Rail

£8.13 inc. VAT

The most compact picture hanging system. It gets the job done despite its minimal dimensions. It has been designed for use with 1mm wires.

Display Systems

Artiteq Info Rail

£6.83£26.83 inc. VAT

An ideal way for displaying photos, drawings, documents and cards on a wall. It means no more damage to your walls from blue tack, sellotape.

Combi Rail Pro Light

Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light

£40.75 inc. VAT

A great solution for highlighting your pictures and artwork. LED lighting can be clicked into your rail at any given place to illuminate your wall display.

Classic Rail Plus

Artiteq Classic Rail Plus

£10.04 inc. VAT

Very popular in galleries, museums and exhibitions. It has been specifically designed for hanging heavy artwork of up to 100kg.

Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems

Picture Superstore offers a wide range of picture hanging products by Artiteq specifically designed for homes and galleries. Order your system today and enjoy flexibility in hanging and arranging the pictures on your walls.

Artiteq has been creating, developing and producing picture hanging solutions since 1995. Modern design, product quality, and application flexibility lie at the heart of Artiteq’s approach in the developing process of their hanging systems.

Artiteq responds to trends and take into account consumers’ growing interest in arranging their living environments. In designing and producing hanging systems, Artiteq strives to achieve a high level of quality and focuses on the environment and sustainability.

They apply care and precision to ensure the safety of their products is maintained through extensive quality control procedures. Artiteq hanging systems are popular choice in 60 countries around the world for home and business projects.

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