Artiteq has been creating, developing and producing picture hanging products since 1995.

The company is located in Tilburg in the Netherlands. Modern design, product quality, and application flexibility lie at the heart of Artiteq’s approach in the developing process of our hanging systems. Artiteq respond to trends and take into account consumers’ growing interest in their living environments.

Artiteq has in-house product development and quality control capabilities. In designing and producing our hanging systems, we aim to achieve the highest level of quality and place a high priority on the environment and sustainability issues. We apply care and precision in guaranteeing the safety of our products through extensive quality control procedures.

Artiteq hanging systems are sold for projects and corporate use, and our hanging system for pictures is also sold as a ready-to-use hanging concept for home use. This is not limited to the country in which we are based, the Netherlands; Artiteq products are sold worldwide, in more than 60 countries.