How to use picture hanging system

An easy way to hang a picture without nails

Picture hanging systems offer you an easy way to put pictures on a wall without the need for making a hole for a screw or nail. This can be extremely useful when you are planning to frequently change the pictures on your wall in your home or office.

Modern picture rails are made of lightweight aluminium. Hooks has been specifically designed to be used with those rails are the most common method for hanging a picture on a rail. The hooks come in a variety of types, however, all generally do the same thing e.g. provide an attachment hook for a wire or cord to drop down for a frame to be attached to. The rail shapes can vary so each of them has a picture hook that works best with it in terms of size and shape.

Picture hanging using rails and hooks

The image shows how to hang a picture frame from a traditional style picture rail. A picture rail and a hook allow you to create a suspended hook from the picture rail where you can attach a cord, wire or cable too. The suspended cord, wire or cable then attaches to the rear of the picture frame. This can be done using hooks allowing the picture frame to be securely held. Attachment of the cord closer to the top of the frame will hold the frame flatter to the wall which is good if the pictures will be displayed at eye level.

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