How to hang children’s artwork

Many of the clients we work for are keen art-loving parents with kids of their own. They are quite naturally keen to foster an appreciation of art in their young ones. And rightly so!

Decorating your children’s bedroom or playroom with pictures is great as it not only provides them with a warm and friendly atmosphere but also promotes and inspires creativity. When installing a picture hanging system for children the usual service must be tailored. There are three important factors to be considered when decorating spaces for children.


We do not advise installing sharp dangerous potentially life threatening artwork, in the area your children play in the most. For instance, you may love Marina Abramovic, but that doesn’t mean you should invite her to do a performance piece for your children. As intellectually stimulating as her knives and guns audience participation may be, what works in Tate Modern might not work in the nursery. Pictures (generally speaking) are safer than performance pieces. When installing pictures in children’s rooms we make sure that they are fixed to the wall securely.


So that the children can fully appreciate the work their height must be taken into consideration. We hang pictures for children at a lower than the usual eye level. Not too low though, like when buying then shoes, you want to leave some room for growth!


The same way a Marina Abramovic won’t work in the play room so won’t a Francis Bacon. Choose warm inviting artworks to decorate your children’s space with. Think colourful and joyous rather than dark and angsty, if the artworks you own are representational then choose the ones that depict happy and calming scenes.