How to make a picture wall look beautiful

Picture hanging systems are equally well placed in homes and schools as they are in galleries and museums. They provide virtually unlimited flexibility and versatility in arranging your wall display.

Hanging pictures has never been easier. Artiteq picture hanging systems allow you to accomplish it without damaging your walls. Make your wall display look beautiful.

Artiteq has been creating, developing and producing picture hanging solutions since 1995. Modern design, product quality, and application flexibility lie at the heart of Artiteq’s approach in the developing process of their hanging systems. Artiteq responds to trends and take into account consumers’ growing interest in arranging their living environments. In designing and producing hanging systems, Artiteq strives to achieve a high level of quality and focuses on the environment and sustainability.

They apply care and precision to ensure the safety of their products is maintained through extensive quality control procedures. Artiteq hanging systems are popular choice in 60 countries around the world for home and business projects.

One of the most popular choices, Artiteq Click Rail, is available in three different versions: white, primer and aluminium. It offers a great flexibility of hanging framed photos thanks to the wide selection of perlon and steel wires. It allows you to attach hooks anywhere along the rail.

Order your system at the Picture Superstore today and enjoy flexibility in hanging and arranging the pictures on your walls.