Interior design blogs for you

Whether it’s a calming space to relax, a family-friendly environment or unexpected snippets of inspiration at every turn, these bloggers have captured the hearts – and design sensibilities – of thousands in the capital and beyond. Step inside and see for yourself…


Jen Stanbrook is an interior design writer and blogger with a love for researching room accessories and design concepts. Jen created her blog Love Chic Living to share design and style ideas for the family home that don’t cost the earth. With a particular interest in modern and contemporary design, Jen posts advice on how to easily transform a room, improve your living space with the help of interior design trends, or add a bit of colour.


The Design Sheppard was launched in 2009 by Stacey Sheppard, while she was working as a writer for Designer Kitchen & Bathroom magazine. The blog originally began as a place to store design content about products, concepts and events while researching for articles. Now attracting an audience on the search for interior inspiration, Design Sheppard focuses on all things related to interior design – encompassing wallpapers, lighting, individual room designs, and showcasing UK-based manufacturers and designers.


BODIE and FOU was established in 2007 by Karine Candice Köng to share her passions, which include wellbeing, white interiors and other inspirations for the home. Throughout her blog, Karine uses a conversational yet informative tone which speaks to her readers, presenting them with delectable photography and inspiration to motivate them to embark on a journey to refresh their home with minimalistic design.