How to make your home wall look beautiful

How to make your home wall look beautiful

Would you like your home and office documents to be displayed on your wall professionally? Doing that has never been easier. We offer a complete range of hanging systems which enables you to display them effortlessly and flexibly.

Wall or ceiling?

Artiteq picture rail systems can be mounted to all types of walls and ceilings. Picture hanging systems have been designed to put your printed content on plaster or brick walls as well as drywall. We have developed a wide range of innovative products to help you to achieve an impressive result.

Picture Hanging by Artiteq

Click Rail uses the Click&Connect patent and can be mounted flush on a wall or ceiling quickly and easy. Another advantage is a possibility to blend it in by painting it in the colour of the wall you fit it on. Artiteq Click Rail is available in three different versions: white, white primer and aluminium and supports up to 30kg.

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