Meet ARTITEQ picture hanging systems

Wall décor is the most beautiful thing you can do for your residential and commercial premises. Finding the best picture hanging system services, however, can be tricky. However, you can easily find some ideal ones like ARTITEQ, which offers the best picture hanging systems that will give you the preeminent experience.

ARTITEQ products are made of high-quality materials and with attention to detail. Technology advances each day, and ARTITEQ seems to embrace it entirely. 

You no longer need to hang your pictures, painting, and art using picture hanging nails. Besides, hitting nails on the wall to hold your photographs can damage the wall, but this is long gone. Instead of nails, we offer rail systems with suspension wires and picture hooks that will allow you to hang your pictures easily and flexibly. ARTITEQ systems are manufactured from high-quality aluminium and designed to impress.

ARTITEQ prides itself on advancing concepts and hanging products which are useful, groundbreaking, and long-lasting. It focuses on providing hanging solutions for commercial and residential uses; similarly, its primary goal is to offer the best experience to their customers by providing adequate and efficient picture hanging products.


ARTITEQ offers a wide range of services that are meant to meet your décor and picture hanging needs right from the rail, installation of art hangers, to picture hanging itself; all fixed by their experienced taskforce. The company supplies hanging systems, install hanging systems, and hang pictures or artworks for residential and commercial settings. Additionally, if you are in the construction process of your home or commercial property, ARTITEQ will supply picture hanging systems. When they do, your hanging system will appear appealing and long-lasting, and you won’t regret it


The hanging system comprises the rail, hooks, and hanging wires. ARTITEQ will help you mount their high-quality aluminum make rails on the wall, against the ceiling or on the roof depending on your needs. Rails are of different types, and for this reason; clips are used to fix them on the wall with the help of screws and plugs. Besides, others are set directly on the wall; all it requires is screws. Moreover, if you don’t want your wall to be drilled for holes, ARTITEQ will offer hanging rails that can simply be glued on the wall.


If you opt for picture hanging, you will also have to decide if it should be done on the ceiling or the wall. Typically this would depend on the wall or ceiling of your house or office. ARTITEQ will offer you a solution to your hanging problem depending on the mounting type, design, and effectiveness such as Click Rail, Classic Rail, and Contour Rail. Hanging rails that can be used are Contour, Click and Combi Rails.


If you prefer your system to be mounted on the ceiling, ARTITEQ offers Top Rail and Up Rail systems. You can connect wires with hooks and start hanging your pieces within minutes. The installation process does not take long and is fairly easy to do. Your home or office will look just beautiful.


ARTITEQ offers an in-built hanging system that can be fixed during construction or renovation such as Shadowline Rail. It gives you an option to decorate your walls easily and flexibly. When Shadowline rails are fitted between the wall and the ceiling, an invisible hanging system can be placed in the mid of the ceiling panels and plasterboards. Shadowline ceiling systems undeniably offer spotless and modernised walls where you can easily decorate them.


In cases where it is not possible to install a hanging system, ARTITEQ offers a range of products to allow you to hang your pictures without using a rail. Did you know that you can hang frames, pictures, and wall decorations without using a hanging rail? Also, ARTITEQ offers hanging solutions where you can hang photos and décor on metal walls.


– Over 10 million hanging items sold worldwide
– High quality hanging products
– Innovative and practical solutions
– Stylish and easy to use
– A friendly support team always happy to help

With their expertise, ARTITEQ will give you a lasting solution for picture hanging systems for your home and office.