Artiteq Art Picture Hanging Set

The Universal Picture Hanging Set consists of 2 metre Click Rail, install kit, instruction manual, end cap set, Twister Perlon wires and Micro Grip hooks. Artiteq Click Rail is one of the most popular and versatile picture hanging systems. Using the One Ring clips (also called Click&Connect), mounting the whole system is fairly quick and easy. Artiteq Click Rail may be mounted right beneath a ceiling if needed.

Artiteq Click Rail system is available in white primer. A rail in white primer is ready for painting for example to match the colour of your walls. If you have any queries or require more information, please contact us. We are always happy to help.

Click Rail picture hanging system offers an excellent way of putting pictures, artwork and photo frames on your wall. It allows you to position wires and hooks anywhere you want. Artiteq Click Rail Universal Hanging Set 2m includes all items listed below. If you would like to order additional elements for your picture hanging system, please click on the item you need.

1 x Click Rail 2.0m (white primer)
1 x End Cap Set (white)
1 x Install Kit (6 screws, 6 wall plugs, 6 One ring clips)
2 x Twister Perlon Wires 1.5m (max. 20kg)
2 x Micro Grip Hooks (max. 20kg)

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