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We are the #1 place for Artiteq picture hanging systems in the UK.

PictureSuperstore.co.uk offers a wide range of picture hanging products by Artiteq specifically designed for photography, pictures and artwork. They provide virtually unlimited flexibility and versatility in arranging your wall display. Hanging pictures has never been easier. Artiteq picture hanging systems allow you to accomplish it without damaging your walls. Order your system today and enjoy flexibility in hanging and arranging the pictures on your walls. Modern look and flexible solutions.

Artiteq Click Rail.

One of the most popular and versatile picture hanging systems. Using the Click & Connect clips, mounting the system is fast and easy. Artiteq Click Rail may be mounted beneath a ceiling. You are more than welcome to paint it if needed, for example in a colour of your wall. This helps the picture hanging system to blend in making it nearly invisible.

Artiteq Twister Wire.

Twister has been designed for the use with all picture hanging rails. It’s the most user-friendly way to hook the hanging wire into the rail: twist, click and you’re done. Since the Twister can be clicked in anywhere along the rail, you can hang your picture wherever you like.

Artiteq Mini Hook.

A screw-locking hook designed to be used with 2mm perlon wires. A great hanging solution thanks to its excellent quality and design. We offer a wide selection of hooks which suit most of the popular picture hanging needs.

We are happy to help.

If you have any queries or need advice, we are always happy to help. Please contact us by email with your plans and ideas to get more information and advice. We offer the best prices in the UK. All Artiteq products carry 10 year warranty. Discounts available on large orders. Contact us to get a quote. Enjoy fast delivery when you order today.

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