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Presentation & Display Systems

£9.36£66.54 inc. VAT

Perfect way of displaying ads. Includes displays (A3, A4 or A6), steel wires, installation kit and e-clips.

£8.22£32.22 inc. VAT

An ideal way of displaying photos, documents, cards on a wall. Rail, end caps, installation kit included.

Info Rail ME

Artiteq Info Rail ME

£20.50£41.20 inc. VAT

A stylish rail with excellent paper gripper for displaying photos, recipes, shopping lists, drawings of up to 1kg.

Info Strip

Artiteq Info Strip

£21.90 inc. VAT

A vertical display system that takes up very little space. It makes it suitable for a variety of locations in a home or office.

Picture Mouse Solo

Artiteq Mouse Magnets

£7.70 inc. VAT

To be used with Picture Mouse Solo. Magnets allow you to put your photos and cards on a hanging cord to create a nice look on your wall.

Included: 6 magnets

Picture Mouse Solo

Artiteq Picture Mouse Solo

£9.92 inc. VAT

An easy way of displaying several photos without a rail together. It includes a cord, clips and installation kit.

Info Rail

Artiteq End Caps

£0.30 inc. VAT

Brand Artiteq Use with Info Rail Finish white, grey, black Warranty 10 years

Info Rail ME

Artiteq End Caps

£0.30 inc. VAT

Brand Artiteq Use with Info Rail ME Finish white, aluminium Warranty 10 Years

£0.84 inc. VAT

Me clip can be used as a name tag or a personal communication tool. The clips are always adaptable and keep their 100% quality appearance.