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Artiteq magnetic hangers

To hang wall decorations in spaces with steel walls, you may consider using Artiteq magnetic hangers. Picture Superstore offers a range of products in that area such as magnetic coat racks, magnetic picture hooks and magnetic click frames. The magnetic coat racks are strong and easy to instal without a need for drilling, even on a steel wall cabinet.

£2.40£8.20 inc. VAT

A practical and easy-to-use hanging system for advertising signage or individual panels in a room. The magnetic ceiling hanger can easily be applied to a recessed ceiling for example.

Magnetic Hangers

Artiteq Magnetic Coat Rack

£36.95£59.95 inc. VAT

To be attached to a metal surface. The magnets are powerful enough to carry the weight of several jackets. It looks great on your wall.

£43.92£64.92 inc. VAT

Brand: Artiteq Warranty: 10 Years

£5.52£26.94 inc. VAT

Brand Artiteq Max load 1kg, 4kg, 6kg, 21kg Material steel Warranty 10 Years