Versatile use of Artiteq Click Rail

Artiteq Click Rail

Artiteq Click Rail offers a very versatile use. This picture hanging system integrates easily with any interior. It is a hanging rail that is attached to the wall and you can install it in such a way that it connects to the ceiling. The rail is attached to the wall using clips (Click&Connect). This white version of the rail can be used as it is or you can choose to paint it, for example in the colour of the wall or the ceiling. If you would like the hanging wires to be least visible, you should choose the perlon hanging wire. The steel wire can also be used in the rail and has a look that could fit nicely in a modern interior. The number of frames and their weight will determine the types of hooks that you need to hang your art. Installation (fastening) material for the rail is included with the Click Rail Set (screws, wall plugs, end caps and connectors (for corners). We advise you to order the necessary items such as set frame accessories or dibond hangers for your artwork.

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