What is the best picture hanging system

This an exciting question to answer. As the artwork has many forms, the spaces we use to display them come in many different shapes. The rooms have different sizes. The walls have different heights. The source and amount of light may differ.

There are many variables. And then, of course, your personal preference comes into play as well. The decision on which picture hanging system to choose depends on many factors. Please do not worry as we go explaining it in the simple language for you below.


A typical ARTITEQ picture hanging system consists of:
– aluminium rail
– hanging wire or rod
– picture hook

All ARTITEQ picture hanging systems are made from durable aluminium. They come in several finishes and three lengths, 1.5m, 2.0m and 3.0m. You can cut them to size with a metal hacksaw or electric saw if needed. It is a relatively simple DIY task to do. We recommend gently sand down the end of a rail you trimmed with fine sandpaper to smooth it out. Some rails are available in white primer finish. These rails have been coated with white primer and are ready for painting to match your wall or interior colour. Rail systems are usually installed on a wall, e.g. the Click Rail or ceiling, e.g. the Top Rail. They can also be integrated between a wall and ceiling or suspend a recessed ceiling, e.g. Shadowline Rail.

Hanging wires or rods are connected directly onto the rails. There are two choices of wires: transparent perlon or braided steel. They come in various lengths, but you can trim them to seize if needed. Alternatively, you can coil them behind your artwork in case you need the full length in the future. Wires have different gliders (metal top of the wire). It means they connect to a rail either from the end of it, e.g. Solid Slider, or anywhere along, e.g. Twister. If you are hanging larger or heavier pictures, we recommend using two or sometimes three wires per item. Rods, on the other hand, are usually designed for use with J-rail systems such as the Classic Rail. Aluminium rods usually take up to 20kg, whereas steel ones can take up to 100kg. That’s a lot of weight.

The wires and rods thread through picture hooks. It allows you to slide the hooks vertically on the wire and position them where you want them. The hooks with auto-lock mechanism, e.g. Micro Grip Hook or Ratchet Hook, offer a great way of hanging pictures if you are frequently rearranging your display or hanging heavier items up to 20kg. The screw-lock hooks, on the other hand, are easy to use and happily take up to 10kg.


All picture hanging systems are expandable because you can always add more elements, such as hanging wires and picture hooks. You can hang several pictures on a single wire or use two hooks per frame if they are larger. Your options here are endless.


There are many benefits of installing a hanging system at your place. You’ve been probably using nails to hang your picture frames in the past. We all have. It’s a simple solution; however, it leaves a hole in your wall if you decide to remove the frame, reposition it or change your display. Installing a rail system allows you to hang and rearrange your frames whenever you want.

Hanging pictures using a system is just easier. Galleries and museums have been using systems such as ARTITEQ’s for decades. And for a very good reason. The hanging systems are very durable (they can survive long years of even frequent use) and do not require much maintenance. It’s a simple solution that became very popular in recent years in residential and commercial properties.


As you can see, you do have a lot of choices for choosing the best picture hanging system for your artwork. And the answer really depends on your preference, available space and what you are hanging. Here are few ideas you may consider for your project.

ARTITEQ Click Rail is the number one hanging solution on the market. It’s a very universal and versatile system that offers a wide range of applications for homes and galleries. The Classic Rail+, on the other hand, is the number one gallery type of system. If you are looking for a system for ceiling installation, then the Top Rail would be your best option. It can also be fitted onto suspended ceilings. The Info Rail is the most popular system for hanging and displaying letters, bills, drawings, postcards.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Before you make a purchase, we always recommend drafting on paper how you would like your wall to look. Do not worry if you change your mind later. It’s just a start point. Please remember that you will be able to rearrange your whole art wall fairly quickly, having a picture hanging system fitted.