ARTITEQ – hanging systems built to last

Since 1995, Artiteq has been developing safe and flexible hanging concepts for frames and other wall decorations. These systems comprise a hanging rail with wires and hooks which can be mounted onto walls or ceilings. The company offers an extensive range of a wealth of options.

Innovation and quality

Artiteq’s strength lies in continuous innovation. The company aims for top quality both in terms of design and production. The environment and sustainability are also of paramount importance. Artiteq’s successful not only in its home country, the Netherlands, as the company sells its products in more than sixty countries.

Strong approach

Artiteq is a loyal partner that continually strives to maintain excellent customer relationships. Artiteq offers its input, evaluates on an ongoing basis and can change course rapidly. In recent years, Artiteq has substantially modified its range, resulting in new developments in terms of products and packaging, plus an appropriate solution for logistical requirements. The needs of retailers in relation to store interiors have also changed. These different challenges have resulted in a ready-to-use display unit.

A complete display unit

The new ready-to-sell display unit holds four best-sellers for the DIY market. Consumers can choose between three wall systems: the Basic or Click Rail system with quick and easy mounting, and the Info Rail, the leading presentation system for cards or drawings for installation at home or at work. There is also the ceiling system, Top Rail, ideal for use in combination with suspended ceilings.