What is the easiest way of hanging picture frames

Hanging pictures on a wall should be a fun activity, isn’t it? After all, decorating our living spaces is an integral part of our lives.

Whether it’s a series of framed family photos or a large painting, we love arranging our walls to look great. There are many ways of doing so, such as hammering nails into a wall. It’s a very simple solution that now belongs to the past. There is an easier way. Keep reading.


Picture hanging systems have been around for some time. And by some time, we mean few centuries. How the Victorians used picture rails should not stunt your interior design ideas, as modern living means that rooms are more fluid than they used to be. If you are creating a kitchen and living space combined, there’s no reason why you can’t introduce picture rails into the room. If your bedroom is a haven away from the family with a comfortable chair where you like to relax, installing a picture hanging system offers unlimited ways of arranging your walls. On the other hand, introducing picture rails into a bathroom wouldn’t be in the spirit of a traditional Victorian renovation and could look odd.

Modern hanging systems such as the ones offered by ARTITEQ are made of aluminium. They are usually powder-coated in white which is the most popular colour. White is a great colour that goes along with many different colour schemes. However, rails are also available in aluminium or black. They can also be cut to size if needed. The installation usually isn’t very complicated and takes about 10 minutes per rail. If you are fitting your system to a ceiling, always inspect it or consult a DIY person to ensure it will hold the weight.


After the rails are installed, the rest is straightforward and does not require any DIY tools or knowledge. All you have to do is to connect a wire to the rail, thread that wire through the hook, all done. You are ready to hang pictures and arrange your wall the way you like. There is a number of wires (e.g. Twister) and hooks (Ratchet) to choose from depending on the size and weight of the items you are hanging. Some picture frames have a D-ring or loop at each corner to allow you to hang frames on them. Larger or heavier frames will require steel hangers which usually come in a square or rectangular shape.

Using picture hanging systems has become very trendy in recent years. And for a good reason. They do not damage the walls, allow you to arrange your art display quickly, and are low maintenance. As most of them are generally not extremely expensive, they make much more sense in the long run. There are many picture hanging systems available on the market, such as the Click Rail for wall installations or the Top Rail for the ceilings. If you have any questions or need advice, you are more than welcome to contact our Specialist Team via phone or email.