Can hanging art properly make a lot of difference?

Yes, hanging art properly can make a lot of difference. You can add an artistic touch to your home or office and also make it more personalised by putting on the right kind of art in the right place.

It is not just the design or style that matters but also the placement and color combination of the art with furniture, the texture of walls, and much more.

With proper art placement, you will have a peace of mind while thinking of the benefits of investing in land. For the fact, telling people who may be right for them would be next to impossible as everyone has their preferences. However, here are some general tips to get you started

Consider the uniformity of the wall

Art adds life to a space and can transform a room into an artistic masterpiece. However, for the proper hanging of art, you must consider the uniformity of the wall. The background area is the most important element in creating a focal point with your hanging. A good rule of thumb is to keep the background area simple so as not to distract from the focal point of your piece.

Use one bold color or pattern on the walls and allude to neutral shades elsewhere in your room, like the furniture and accessories.

Choose Mirrors over frames

When hanging multiple works of art on the same wall, pick mirrors over frames to create a cohesive look. The mirror acts as a neutral surface that reflects light and draws the eye throughout the room while also creating an illusion of space and depth. Mirrors are handy when hanging large prints in narrow spaces or small rooms.

Taping pictures to the wall

If you are short on budget but still want to decorate your room, then you may want to consider taping your pictures and posters to the wall. This is a cheap and easy way to hang up decorations on your walls. The only disadvantage to this method is that you will have to remove them to clean your walls or paint them from time to time. Much better way way is to consider purchasing a picture hanging system. It will give you total freedom in terms of arranging your wall without making any damage.

Art should be safe

Above all, art should be hung in a safe way. If the work is cumbersome, use picture wire. Use command hooks (or nails if you’re not worried about the wall damage) to hang things on drywall without drilling holes in your walls.

Tension is key to a good-looking gallery wall. Hang items of a similar weight evenly spaced apart, and make sure each item hangs straight. If an item is crooked, everything else will be off-kilter as well. If you’re hanging something heavy enough to potentially bend a nail, use picture wire instead of nails and put the wire behind the piece’s frame so you don’t see it.

Bottom Line

Hanging your art properly is the key to creating a focal point within your home. It can assist in adding visual weight to a room and create balance within most interior environments.

Hanging existing artwork can be quite easy if you know how. For instance, the above tips will give you a clue on how you will hang almost any kind of picture frame.

Written by Randy Thom