What is a picture hanging system

A picture hanging system consists of a rail, a wire called sometimes cable and a hook. The number of elements depends on how long the wall is, how many pictures you are hanging and how heavy they are.

Lighter pictures need just a single wire while a heavier artwork requires two wires. You can hang more than one picture on a single wire as long as they do not exceed maximum weight allowed for the rail and wire you are using.

For all of ARTITEQ picture hanging systems we use the terms ‘RAIL’, ‘WIRE’, and ‘HOOK’. These describe the main features that make up each system.

The rail is simply a horizontal or vertical strip of aluminium that is fitted on a wall from which pictures can be hung. It can also be installed on a ceiling. And occasionally at an angle following a staircase, or on the top edge of a partition.

The wire is a piece of clear vinyl line or a steel cable that is attached to a rail. It can be easily adjusted from side to side.

The hook is attached to a wire at the height you want to hang your picture at. All hooks are easily adjustable up or down. Most of them are self-locking. Just let go and they stay in place. That way you can position your pictures the way you want very easily.

For your usual home and office needs we recommend using one wire and one hook per picture. So if you estimate the likely number of pictures you’ll be displaying at any one time, you can calculate how many items you will need. All wires and hooks are always readily available so you can always order a few more if you need to.

There is no minimum order or restrictions. If you have more pictures than you could ever hang at once, and they’re mostly of an average size, allow four wires per rail. You may want twice as many hooks than wires as you can hang pictures one above the other on the same wire.